Our Strength and Conditioning studio boasts a multi functional rig with 16 stations each equipped with a lifting platform, Olympic bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, landmines, plyo boxes, TRX® to ensure each workout targets every body part. Our fully qualified coaches each with their own flare of training will help challenge your limits.
Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, we have classes to suit every level. Our Hot yoga studio is our best kept secret - using infrared heat to create a little sanctuary for our clients to discover the power of yoga and the positive impact it can have on their lives.
A triple threat combo of HIIT, Boxing and finally Yoga, all in one class.
The ultimate strength and conditioning program. 45 minutes of Strength working on compound movements followed by 45 minutes of boxing training focusing on technique and fitness.
A high intensity, high octane Strength & Conditioning workout. Feed off the energy of your class mates in a buddy style workout. Capacity up to 32
A 45 min high intensity workout, using a concept 2 rowing machine and free weights to deliver an explosive workout, designed to keep you challenged whilst delivering the best results. You have been warned!

Corner of St Marks Street & Prescot Street
Tower Hill
London E1 8HG
Email: towerhill@hybrid-fit.co.uk

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