With more than 7 years in the fitness industry Mark brings a tough, hard-working and result driven focus and balances this perfectly with a warm, supportive and motivating style to make sure that you, not only hit all your targets, learn the fundamental do’s and don’ts of exercise and fitness, but also enjoy being active and feel fab about leading a healthier lifestyle in general.

John specialises in strength and conditioning, in particular powerlifting movements, having competed in strongman and powerlifting himself for almost 10 years. John believes training should be enjoyable and not a chore, that way it's sustainable.

Freddie has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt and current European champion. The boss @OnPointConditioning where the mantra is to make you look , feel and perform better.Turning city workers into Athletes and Athletes into Champions.Freddie has worked with UFC and BAMMA pro fighters , Rugby and American football and many other sports stars in the past, and hopefully.....you in the future.

Carlos has a passion for wellbeing and from his own struggles with weight loss and body image he has adapted his own rules to achieve a new mindset and carry a happier and healthier approach to exercise and general fitness.

He is also qualified with YMCA AWARDS Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer, BTEC Sports Massage Therapist and Introduction to counselling.

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